Everyone who works as a craftsman or engineer should own at least one good bench grinder. Unfortunately there are so many to choose from that making a decision on which one you want can be overwhelming and difficult at the best of times. That's why we've created a guide to help you find the best bench grinder, by going over the top bench grinder reviews. After reading through our detailed reviews you should have a good idea of what type of bench grinder you want, along with what kind of budget you should expect to have.

Rikon Professional 80-805

This is an 8 inch high quality bench grinder, perfect for sharpening your lawn mower blades. It is made specially to stay cool while operating at high RPMs. This feature makes sure the steel will stay strong, and won't be weakened by heat. The base is made of cast iron to stay sturdy and strong, it also helps reduce vibrations - as do the rubber feet. This feature is quite essential for a good bench grinder to have, as excessive vibrations could cause inaccuracies. On any bench grinder it's good to have a coarse wheel and a finer wheel, and this grinder is no exception. One of the wheels is 60 grit while the other wheel is 100 grit. Unlike the more common blade grinding wheels, the wheels on this bench grinder are white. This is because they're made from aluminum oxide. Overall this a well built high quality machine, the main downside is that it is quite expensive for what you get.

Metabo DS200 Bench Grinder Review

This bench grinder, the metabo DS200 is the best bench grinder overall. It is a beast that can tackle any job you have to get done in your workshop. The size of the wheels on this grinder is 8 inches, big enough for nearly any job. In total it weighs 35 lbs which is quite heavy. But that's only because the construction is very sturdy. And because you usually keep a bench grinder fixed in place once you mount it, being heavy isn't really an issue. The extra weight from the cast iron base actually helps stop the bench grinder from vibrating too much as a bonus. Like we said before this grinder is a beast, the motor is 240 volts and 650 watts, spinning the wheels up to 3500 RPMs (under no load). Overall this bench grinder is a top choice. It offers great quality at a reasonable price, but still may not be the best option for beginners.

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